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 "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself." John Dewey 



At ENTER-ABC, our  MISSION is to empower leaders as they meaningfully and purposely  develop their professional and personal self on growth-focused lives to  be reflective, self-reliant learners that make an impact on the lives of  others.

"Everyone is my teacher." Allen 


To create learning and teaching success stories, one exceptional educator at a time is the GOAL of ENTER-ABC (Educational Network for Teaching Excellence & Resources - Access Beyond Coaching) through Comprehensive Education Services by CREA - Culturally Responsive Educational Associates.

Since  we started in 2000, ENTER-ABC has been helping educators fulfill their  potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working  hand-in-hand with classroom teachers, for the most efficient  growth-focused learning and high performance teaching impact.

Prestige Assurance

Prestige Comprehensive Education Services are delivered by experienced Culturally Responsive Educational Associates  at ENTER-ABC through skillful structure with purpose and intent to demonstrate meaningful results.

 ENTER-ABC strives for excellence in providing your exclusive consulting needs and value added coaching.  

It is our privilege to deliver sterling skillful structure to add value and produce authentic, methodical, results-oriented solutions.  With over 35 years of diverse practical and analytical leadership experience, Yolanda Santiago's assurance to the P-20 educational and personal community is to provide professional and courteous effective support services with integrity and flexibility to deliver high-quality results in consulting, coaching, and professional/personal development within myriad areas of expertise in standards-based integrated curriculum design, literacy, and policy planning for Mainstream, English Language Learners, Dual Language, English as a New Language, and Special Needs Students, as well as Individuals.

We design a customized, growth-focused, solutions-based program to meet your needs.  ​

Contact ENTER-ABC today for a consultation and allow us delineate how we can exceed your expectations.


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 ENTER-ABC strives for excellence in providing your exclusive consulting needs and value added coaching services. 

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