Yolanda Santiago, EDS, CPC, SAS, MS ED

Founder of ENTER-ABC

Founder of ENTER -ABC in May of 2000, Professor Santiago brings specialized experience in Bilingual and ENL  education of ELLs, curriculum, standards, and coaching to make a  positive impact on teaching and learning through a Constructivist  Culturally and Linguistically Responsive System of  Coaching, Training,  and Consulting. 


Expertise in Pre-K to Graduate Education, Curriculum, Policy, Coaching

Educational Specialist: Pre-K to Graduate Level (EDS & MS ED)

Certified Professional Coach: Academic Coach & Educational Consultant (CPC)

Licensed Teacher and Certified Administrator: (N-6, NTE, SAS)

Published/Presenter: Standards - Common Core Bilingual Initiative, Performance, Learning, ENL, HLA, Coaching Evaluation (Best Coaching Tool)

Specializing in Standards/ Curriculum/ Policy, Bilingual, TESOL, ENL, HL, Dual Language, HS, Adult, Early Childhood Education,  Team & Co-Teaching, Literacy, NGS, Part 154 Mandates

Speaker on  Cultural Sensitivity and Bullying Awareness and Prevention - Educators and/or Parents - English and/or Spanish

*Practical and Broad Knowledge of PK-12 Education, Curriculum, Standards, and Policy Specializing in  ELL, DL, ENL, OLE, SIFE, RTI, NYSESLAT, NGS, Literacy, Bilingual,  Equity, Co-Teaching, Classroom Management, EAS Exam

Comprehensive Education Services & Plans

Creating and Maintaining Culturally Responsive Systems for Equity

Positive Behavioral Interventions

added value

 Award Winning Educator: 

35 Years' Experience in Excellence

NYS Approved Early Childhood Bachelor of Arts at Monroe College (Wrote Program, Curriculum, 40 Syllabi)

NYC DOE English Language Learners Language Allocation Policy & Campaign for Fiscal Equity (Published)

Write Grants and/or Evaluate Programs

Advise on ELL Policy and Implementation C.R. Part 154 Recommendations and/or Jose P.

K-16 Curriculum (SIOP, UBD, Frameworks, Mapping, Integrated, Constructivist, TPR, RTI, CRA, DL)

Project Coordinator of NYS Common Core Standards Bilingual Initiative (Native/Home and New Language/ENL/ESL)

Professional Development for Educators and Administrators of Pre-K through Higher Education

Cultural  and Linguistic Diversity, Culturally Responsive Approach, Next Generation Standards, Curriculum  Development,  Bilingual Initiative Common Core Standards, Literacy  for ELL, Co-Teaching & Team-Teaching


Published Author

Best Coaching Tool: Self Evaluation of the Coaching Process for Coachees and Coaches



Designed survey instrument to measure and evaluate feedback on the coaching process.
Conducted/published international research study on the effectiveness of coaching across various settings.​​​ 

Memories of a Life Unknown



Yolanda Santiago, EDS

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Yolanda Santiago, EDS
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 The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

~William Arthur Ward 

Contract Yolanda Santiago

Consultant - Coach - Author: Yolanda Santiago, EDS, CPC, SAS, MS ED

 Contract  Yolanda Santiago, EDS/CPC to connect with an established and respected  professional who communicates exclusivity and loyalty to educational,  professional, and personal needs while aspiring to provide the highest  ideals of quality and excellence from a broad realm of expertise to  achieve sterling methodical results for selected clients.

A  teachers' teacher, Yolanda brings practical value to raise your  standard of concentrated results-oriented goals through the language of  excellence, thereby establishing an authentic and meaningful  client/coach-consultant relationship of empathy, respect, and trust.   



Action is the foundational key to all success." Pablo Picasso


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