ENTER-ABC  was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn  and that every teacher can be taught to be a greater  teacher....especially with guidance from a dedicated and experienced  coach.

Over  the past thirty-five years, Yolanda Santiago, an established expert in Pre-K  through Master's Bi-lingual/Bi-cultural Education, has helped more than  20,000 students in over a dozen districts improve study habits,  comprehension, and skills through the stellar delivery of instruction  by well-trained and coached educators. As a result, students of  well-prepared teachers can be happier and grow in confidence to become  reflective, self-reliant, inquisitive, resilient learners.

We love celebrating the victories and achievements of our constituents: students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Let's do it together!

In a recent survey, 89% of the educators who participated would recommend ENTER-ABC to a colleague.



"I  was impressed with the wide variety of services offered by ENTER-ABC. I  don't have to drive across town after work to go attend PD. I receive my  training at school. This made getting professional development easier  than I expected.. I'm glad a friend recommended  Professor Yolanda  Santiago."

Connie Diaz

"I  was always challenged in school when it came to taking tests.  Everything else clicked, but I had terrible tests scores. I took a few  EAS test preparation classes and my scores have really improved. Thanks  for working with me."

Alan Monroe

Popular Programs



  • Elite Curriculum Frameworks Development for ELL Mastery
  • Aspirational Coaching with S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Results-Oriented ELL Institute for Educators & Administrators
  • Achievement-Focused EAS Teacher Exam Preparation
  • Value-Added Jump-Ahead Summer Professional Development
  • Exclusive Grant Evaluation and Policy Advisement
  • Respectful Programs for Parents in English or Spanish


Principles of Responsible Consulting


1. Empower​

2. Trust & Empathy

3. Responsibility

4. Competency

5. Transparency


Coaching Process

  • C = Create Confidence & Trust                                                         
  • O = Observe & Listen                                                                         
  • A = Action Plan (SMART)                                                                  
  • C = Commitment from Client                                                    
  • H = Hold Client Accountable