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Yolanda  Santiago is licensed to teach by NY State.  Earned certifications and licenses in coaching and  district administration. Published poetry, international coaching  research, PreK-Graduate Education  curriculum. Supervised New York State  Bilingual Initiative English as a New Language CC Standards for  ELL/MLL.


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Yolanda  Santiago provides one-on-one coaching, group coaching, presentations,  workshops, and grant evaluations/writing. A certified coach,  Yolanda provides academic and  personal coaching.  


Together We Are Better: Advancing Excellence in English Language Teaching

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B.O.C.E.S. Resources


Blueprint for ELLs' Success: file:///C:/Users/OWNER/Downloads/NYSBlueprintforELLSuccessFINAL5.29.15.pdf

BCCI  Progressions: Guide to Academic and Linguistic Demands (Bilingual  Common Core Initiative) ...

Link  to EngageNY BIlingual Common Core Initiative Language Arts Progressions   ....

Link to NYS CCLS and BCCI Aligned Instructional Units for ELLs  ....

CR Part 154 Presentation - Angelica Infante, NYSED Office of Bilingual Education & World Languages

In  her keynote presentation, Associate Commissioner Infante shared salient  information regarding the Amended CR Part 154 Regulations that will  take effect in 2015-2016.
 CR PART 154 Overview - Updated 10-6-2014 - OBEFLS Compatibility Mode.pdf 114.95 KB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)


Co-Teaching Presentation - Drs. Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove

In their featured presentation, Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Learners,

Drs. Honigsfeld and Dove provide an overview of various models of co-teaching, with a handout that explains each approach.
Co-TeachingHandout_Honigsfeld-Dove.pdf 269.66 KB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)


Creating Fertile Spaces for Newly-Arrived SLIFE ELLs - Dr. Helaine W. Marshall

The  focus of this session was equity pedagogy and addressing the cultural  dissonance that prevents our new ELL Students with Limited or  Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) arrivals from Central America from  making a smooth transition to schooling in the US. Participants learned  to use the Intercultural Communication Framework (ICF) to help them  initiate and maintain effective, ongoing, two-way interactions with new  arrivals in their schools and communities.
Creating Fertile Spaces H_W_Marshall LITI.pdf 18.57 MB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)


A Journey in the Use of Sheltered Instruction - Dr. Garner Bass & Ellie Paiewonsky

Dr.  Bass and Ms. Paiewonsky demonstrate how a district used professional  development to optimize instruction for ELLs, and how alignment of  Sheltered Instruction and the Understanding by Design framework make  content and language comprehensible. 
 A Journey in the Use of Sheltered Instruction.pdf 1.29 MB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)


Identifying & Supporting Long Island’s Temporarily Housed & Migrant Students - Julia Schnurman

In  this presentation, workshop participants enhanced their awareness of  Migrant and Homeless ELLs to understand the depth of their challenges,  and learned about a variety of collaborating services for which these  student may qualify.
 LI-Metro Migrant Education Program 2014.pdf 1.74 MB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)



ELL  Scaffolds for CCLS Module on Animals and Habitats - Grades  K-2Presentation of a scaffolded NYS Module from Engage NY web site that  focused on developing the academic vocabulary and scientific concepts  about Animals and Habitats for elementary ELLs in grades K-2. 
Gr.K-2_CCLS PPT_Animals_Habitats_LITI.pdf 7.45 MB (Last Modified on January 4, 2015)

ICF: Need Coaching? FAQ:

FRAMEWORK for Assessing Teacher Collaboration (National Center for Time and Learning). 

Response to Intervention Models with English Language Learners: Considerations and Future Directions

RTI  for  ELLs:

RTI. Response to Intervention: Meeting Students at Their Learning Ability  

The Power of Teacher Collaboration:

VIDEO: Video-Effective Co-teaching

Teacher Collaboration: Matching Complementary Strengths.


ENTER-ABC Prestige Assurance

Committed to deliver sterling skillful structure to add value and produce authentic methodical results.

Set SMART Goals to Achieve Lasting Success.

RTI and English Language Learners – Disproportionate Representation

Reading Achievements in ELLs and RTI Model

6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching:

Developing  a Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Approach to Response to  Instruction & Intervention (RtI²) for English Language:  Learners Connecting to WIDA Standards, Assessments, and Other Resources


Effective Co-Teaching Strategies:

RTI for English Language Learners: Appropriately Using Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools to Improve Instructional Outcomes

RUBRIC for Assessing Teacher Collaboration: 

Use  this rubric from the National Center for Time and Learning to determine  how well your school uses collaboration time.

RTI for English Language Learners: Appropriate Screening, Progress Monitoring, and Instructional Planning

Response to Intervention in Reading for English Language Learners

Collaborative  Team Teaching: Challenges and  Rewards:

Classroom  Stations for  ELLs:

Differentiation & RTI for English Language Learners


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Collaboration and Co-Teaching for ELLs: A Leaders Guide    ...

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